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Tech-Free Travel (webinar)

Wondering how much exposure is too much exposure to give your kid(s) regarding screen time? That includes tv, tablet, touch screens and all.
I have created fun, practical and engaging ways to stay connected without connecting to technology.
Join me in the conversation about how to participate in tech-free activities whether you are travelling to the grocery store or the corner store; out of state or internationally.

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Access to a recording of the webinar and course materials will be available for those who register but are unable to participate live.


1. Is this course a webinar?

Yes, it is a course that can be accessed online through a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

2.  What if I am unable to attend the course live during the scheduled time that it is offered?

Access to a recording of the webinar and course materials will be available for those who register but are unable to participate live.

3. Who is this course for?

All are welcome.

4. How do I sign up for the 7.8.19 course?

Event link (which includes event description).

5. Other information.

Be sure that you have provided your name, number and email address so that the course facilitator can contact you and provide you with course access and materials.

Feel free to contact the office with any additional questions.

There's more!!!

"Tech-Free Travel" (webinar) now featuring a 15 minute CONSULTATION CALL with the presenter!

Consult call can function as any combination of the following:

*Ask a professional 

*Accountability in action

*Tried it, now tweak it

Consult call is an add-on component  to webinar (live/recorded).


Still interested in screen-free strategies to engage and occupy your children and family? Feel free to join the movement of  parents, grandparents, and caregivers.  

Take action NOW by registering for a 3-week course offering in-depth discussion, the science behind why you should consider screen-free strategies and practical practices about the benefits of connecting without connecting to technology.  In this course participants are also provided fun, functional activities to implement with your child and family.

Screen-Free Summer Series registration

Screen-Free Series: Back to School edition

School is now in session👩🏾‍🏫.  

Parents are already asking---Since school is in full swing, what do I do with my kids afterschool, homework, and extracurricular activities?

Register for Screen-Free Strategies: Back to School edition for talk, tips, and techniques outside of gaming, gadgets, TV and touchscreens.

Screen-Free Series: Back to School edition

Learning Styles & Learning Differences


Consultation-Learning Styles/Differences

Schedule your consultation to assess and determine any specific needs for you or a family member.

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